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what do you know about Diabetes and how to manage you're diet if affected by Diabetes?

Apr 30, 2014 8:53 AM
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control the amount of suger intake and take an injections of insulin 

April 30, 2014

I took care for people suffering from it, at work. I know that if you got a serious one, you need iinjections of insulin to go on, and no sooner you have made one than you have to eat something, to avoid fainting. But if your glycemic index is not too high, it's just a matter of diet. Doctors can tell you

In such a case your pancreas can still produce insulin for you. you need insulin to digest carbohydrates,that means everything with a sweet taste plus pasta, rice, bread, corn and all the things deriving from flour.

Your pancreas is still able to produce insulin but in a low ammount, so you should be careful with every sweet thing wich is not a fresh fruit, not added with other sugars. You should prefer wholewheat flour too. Fruits, vegetables and wholewheat flour have many fibers, which slow down the carbohydrates digestion, so they allow your pancreas to take it more easily. For the same reason, it's better to eat a little but more frequently, instead of having a big lunch and then nothing till dinner.
Also milk contains sugar, lactose, so pay attention to it, too.
That's what I learnt working in health care

April 30, 2014

If you want to avoid taking medications, you need to use a combination of diet and exercise to keep your sugar level below 140 after eating. I know from experience that I can burn 40-50 points off my reading by doing 20 minutes on the treadmill, 3 miles of walking, or 5 miles of bike riding at a fast pace. If I know I am going to overeat, like on holidays, I plan ahead to increase the exercise accordingly.


A lot of new research has shown that resistance exercise increases insulin sensitivity, so I lift weights 3 times per week.


The surprising thing about diet is that common sugar doesn't cause a big spike in blood sugar, but processed carbohydrates do. I can eat ice cream without much problem, but things like processed breakfast cereals cause a big spike in my blood sugar, so I avoid them.


Think of exercise as the best medicine for diabetes. I have a prescription for Glucatrol, but I only take it when I get sick and my readings become abnormally high. I think I have taken just three tablets in the the last 18 months.

April 30, 2014
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