Do you think it is okay to be a person the books teach you?

Recently I have a wonder whether it is okay to be a person the books teach you to be.Because I always do like that.I always feel happy to help others and offer help to others forwardly.I will turn down lights in the corriders and switches of electrical equipments when it is daylight or is not being used because I think it is wasteful.I never use a little power the public or school gives me to get anything I want but shouldn't have.I will use a headset to watch movies or enjoy musics I like when my roommates are in dormitory because maybe they don't like them at all.I always try to be polite to everyone even though he offended me by mistake.But others don't do like this.They help others only asked and maybe unwilling to do that.They don't care about lights or hydrants.They would like to use their little power to get what they want especially money but they shouldn't have.My roommates just turn up the soundsand enjoy themselves even I am sleeping then.I don't achieve anything but happiness and pride to be a man I want to be.And they don't think their behaviors are shameful and lose nothing for that.I will still do want I think it is right.But I want to know what do you think about this?:-D~

Apr 30, 2014 3:54 PM
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