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What's cooking?

Describe a dish that you have recently cooked.  Was it local cuisine, or were you creative and cooked something from another country?

Apr 30, 2014 5:09 PM
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I was never into kitchen & cooking that much, maybe because I'm not a big eater,, but recently I remembered something tasty that mom used to make for us in our childhood,, so I looked for the recipe between her old cooking notes & I made it, I call it Tuna risotto even though it's not a risotto;) but any way talking about it now makes me feel hungry, here's the recipe if you like to try it;)

2 cups of boiled rice, 2 cups of mushroom soap, 1 cup of parsley & green onions, 3 boiled eggs, 1 big Tuna can, 3 tbs Mayoniaze, 1 tbs lemon juice, salt & pepper for your taste, 1 ts cumin.


Just mix everything together after u cut the parsley & green onions, also eggs should be cut in 8 pieces for each. After u mix it all very well, put it in a cassarole dish & bake it in a pre-heated oven on 170 C for 25-30 min. ..

September 23, 2014

Today I had a (vegan :p) tofu stir-fry (broccoli, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms and flaxseed) served with rice and soy sauce.

April 30, 2014

Perhaps we should start an Italki International Cook Book?

September 24, 2014

I cooked adobo one of Filipino favorite dish.. I also tried making drakini a food from Belarus. Well I followed the recipe and a youtube video but I am not sure if i got the taste right since in my entire life I haven't tried to eat drakini hehe but it taste good though.

September 23, 2014

I hate cook, I just love cook deserts, so the last desserts I cooked was: Kozunak (Bulgarian) and a chocolate cake :)

September 23, 2014
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