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Thoughts of New England in the Fall and Why My Gym Diet Is on The Verge of Being Tossed out the Window Today

Thoughts of New England in the Fall and Why My Gym Diet Is on The Verge of Being Tossed out the Window Today


This afternoon I am struggling to stick to my gym diet. Although fall is my favorite season, I am by no means wanting it to be here yet. After the bad winter we had in Western Massachusetts, I really need summer to get here and stick around for a while, but today I keep having thoughts about breakfast in the autumn.... the cool breeze on your face, the wonderful flavors, the beautiful orange, red, and golden yellow leaves on the trees, etc.


Around that time of year, all the stores come out with their seasonal items. On this list are hot and cold apple cider, apple cider donuts from Atkins farm stand in Amherst, Massachusetts, pumpkin pie with ice cream and / or whipped cream, acorn squash with brown sugar, a slue of maple flavored candies and desserts from the sugar shack in Hadley, etc. Even Starbucks comes out with their own line of seasonal drinks in the fall, oh which their Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino is my favorite. Pumpkin Spice seriously has to be the best thing ever, aside from nutmeg around Christmas. Even my friend Tetsu from Japan who came over to the States a few times to visit is addicted to anything pumpkin based, as are most Americans. I have even sent him pumpkin pie mix before so he and his mother could enjoy it around Halloween. Appearently it is hard to get pumpkin pie in Japan. :)


Anyhow, every autumn, Josh, my sister, my niece, my parents, and I go to Hamilton Orchards in New Salem, Massachusetts for breakfast and to pick apples. We go almost every weekend actually, although my parents might skip out on some weekends because they are busy with other things like raking the yard, going to one of the home shows, etc. A few times, my best friend LJ has come with us too.


This place just has the best breakfasts I have ever had though. An older guy works the grill and the way he cooks reminds me so much of the old-school American homecooking that my grandmother used make us! I'm talking thick waffles and apple, blueberry, or pumpkin spice pancakes, scrambled eggs cooked perfectly so they don't look like something Mc Donald's would serve on your plate, hot or cold apple cider, whichever you like, apple turnovers, blitzes, a heaping portion of homefries cooked to perfection too, and more!!! It is no wonder that obesity is a problem in America with chefs and food like this and needless to say the whole "one cheat meal a week" part of my gym diet gets forgotten around this time of the year. Yes, it is a good thing that this place is only open in the fall. My waistline can't afford it! Hehehehehe :)


Vocabulary Used In This Discussion For English Learners


1. Is on the verge of being = Is about to be

2. tossed out the window = to not be followed, be ignored, to be thrown out

3. struggling to stick to = finding it hard to follow

4. stick around = stay

5. come out with = start selling (approximately)

6. skip out = to not attend / to cancel going somewhere with someone else

7. old-school = typical of a past era (in this case better)

8. I'm talking = for example (approximately) but way more emphatic than "for example"

9. sugar shack = a place that creates maple syrup and other maple based products

10. obesity = being overweight / fat

11. can't afford it = is big enough as it is! (in this case) -- I actually and not overweight. Just exaggerating :) Hehehehe


A Few Photos:


Pumpkin Pie Blintz


Hot Apple Cider


Apple Cider Donuts


Apple Cider Donuts

Apr 30, 2014 5:28 PM
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Thank you very much for next interesting article.

May 1, 2014

I should have typed "I actually am not overweight". Sorry for the typo. :)

April 30, 2014
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