ten simple and effectice ways to improve memory

Today I have read an article. There were discribed  methods how to make our memory effeciency for good study at university, for memorizing a large amount of information. During our lives we always need to get new knowldge, especially some kinds of professions, for instant, doctors, ingeneers, programmers and so forth.

I think you know some of this tips how to get your memory work well. However, I want to write them here anyway to remind you about them. 

I will write one tip a day, because , at the first, it`s too large article for me to translate from Russian into English at once.


The first tip:

1. Traing.

Crosswords, mental arithmetic, solving logic tasks, learning poems by heart, studying foreign languages is what makes the brain work hard. 


... I  feel like my brain didn`t get enough traing. I gonna write once more tip of improving memory.


2. Grape juice.

American scientests prooved that if grape juice will be included in our daily diet, memory improve at 20 per cent.  It`s cool, isn`t it? The grape juice should be of violet color. It contains a lot of antioxidants which rejuvenates the brain.


That`s all for today. The rest eight tips you can read tomorrow.

Have a good memory, have a good day!))


P.S. Here is the Russian versoin of the article. This is for people who is learning the Russian language.

• 10 простых и действенных способов для улучшения памяти

В среднем человек забывает 30% из того, что он слышал — через 20 минут, и 50% от услышанного — в течение получаса!

Как улучшить память - вопрос, который возникает даже у молодого поколения. Перед вами подборка из 10 простых и доступных правил для улучшения памяти.

Кроссворды, счет в уме, решение логических задач, заучивание стихов наизусть, изучение иностранных языков – вот то, что является отличным способом задавать мозгу работу. Это самые простые и действенные приемы для улучшения памяти!

2. Виноградный сок
Американские ученые доказали, что если включить в наш рацион этот сок, то память улучшится на 20%. Здорово!
Виноградный сок должен быть фиолетового цвета. В нем содержится много антиоксидантов, которые омолаживают мозг.

Apr 30, 2014 7:01 PM
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What if don't remember to come back tomorrow for the remaining tips?

April 30, 2014

With all due respect for grape juice, how about mnemonics technics? Loci, Cicero, keyword methods, mindmapping?


April 30, 2014

Yeah, I agree that if you are smart, it is more possible that you have a good memory. And I disagree that you can do nothing about your intelligence. Look, if you will abuse alcohol or will be deprived of sleep, or starvation will occur I think smartness will leave such a person as soon as possible. Don`t you think so? 

BTW, not all people, who have a nice memory, are smart.

May 1, 2014

Serg, it will be further about keywords, mindmap. Be patient!)))

May 1, 2014

Amul, you have to make at least the two first tips, then you will remeber to come back.

May 1, 2014
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