required improvents for TEACHERS

dear teachers, if you believe this makes sense, please vote here.


i did submit some of them to support last autumn, but.. well, let's try here :).



1. Very Important: please implement Payoneer payments. it's a Default payment method for all kinds of remote works on internet for years.


it's used on all normal freelancer websites: odesk.com, freelancer.com, photography stocks, forex sites, poker sites.


it's extremely efficient, low cost and very fast (several hours load time for $5, 2 days load time for $3, availability in any atm machine (банкомат) anywhere in the world).


it's used for years by all internet freelancers (programmers, photographers, gamblers, traders, etc). you just get a mastercard from payoneer and then use it to get payments in the closest atm machine, from hundreds of websites.


current italki payment methods are VERY inconvenient for most teachers from exUSSR countries. 



2. one more very important things: please add a "promo lesson" option.


there should be way to carry out FREE lessons inside of the system. it will not affect italki in a bad way, because right now teachers can give free lessons anyway in skype, without italki to know.


having the ability to make promo lessons inside of italki will give teachers a chance to get new students and to improve their statistics, to get more feedback. and if some teachers don't want to provide free lessons, they don't have too. it won't affect current teachers in a bad way either, because students can have free language exchange through italki anyways, just not with the teachers. a discrimination in a way :). 


with this feature teachers will have an opportunity to invite their current local students to use italki, because this way they will get their feedback and improve the stats, while italki will get more potential payers - more students. everyone is beneficiary this way.


mark promo lessons separately in stats and all teachers will always see if students are taking only promo lessons and never pay, to avoid such 'leechers'. it's good in all ways for your business, for teachers and for students.


3. please change the comments text formatting block - currently it ignores line breaks.


it's VERY frustrating to type a clean neat comment to a question and then to see it's ruined into one endless string where all the examples and explanations are turned into one line.



4. please give us a way to delete our comments. if you are afraid to lose the comments, make this feature work only in the 24 hours since the post date. but such option should exist. sometimes we post duplicates, sometimes we make a mistake and want to repost, sometimes we change change our mind. why can't we change the post? same goes about editing posts, but editing is the next step, for now at least the "delete" button would be enough.



5. please increase the field size for messages and comments.


2000 symbols is not enough. every second time i have to split my messages on 2-3 parts, which is not something deadly but an inconvenience for sure. +people receive several emails instead of just one notifying them.


Dear teachers, if you believe something of this might be useful to you, please join the discussion.



May 1, 2014 8:07 AM
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1. Because is a great opportunity to earn money, yes isn't all native can teach but at last they can speak and help improve the language.

A free lesson the teachers don't will accept because if that happen a lot of students will just do free lessons without pay (make teachers losing their time) and you have the trial lessons.


2. Can happen you correct the things wrong because you don't have experience and you see a good correction and you go correct your entry.


4- You have the notifications for your entries.

5- If that happen the users will do again a forbidden discussion, the users should read before post something.

7- That can get problems, the another user maybe don't want be mention is the discussion, imgine people here hate you do you will like they allways put your Name (link) in their discussions?

8- I don't think is a annoying I like see the updates

September 12, 2014

I don't agree with nothing

September 12, 2014

4. Able to see comments that I left on other entries. Sometimes I want to see how the writer answer to my comment, but I can’t follow my activities.

5. Alert the writer when you want to delete their post, their discussion or change them into Oops, page not found. 404. Sorry, that page doesn't exist. Please check the link and try again.

6. Able to see new post/ new update t in the discussion on the first page. Don’t need to scroll down, down and down…

7. Able to mention another user in the discussion or notebook entry, comment, so they will able to know they are being addressed in this discussion.

8. Very important, I see a lot of questions and discussions repeatedly over and over again. Is is really annoying. It would be great if there is a searching bar/option, to find the question, discussion before writing a new post.



May 1, 2014

Dear Italki team:

I'm not neither a teacher or even a native speaker. But well, I've already read your discussion, I want to say something here.

1. Adding a promo lesson option. Seems like almost native speakers on this website change themselves to a teacher ( I don’t know why this is happening). Born with a native language not mean that you could call yourself a teacher. Someone will say that they want to get teaching experiences or help other people., If it were only for experience, a free or promo lesion would be good. In addition to that, students have a right to try with a teacher first before decide to take a payment lesson with him/her.

2. An edit function would be extremely useful. Obviously people will make mistake.

3. Not only increase the field for messages and comments. 2000 symbols is not enough to write an essay with the long about 300 or 350 words (A toefl essay for example).





May 1, 2014
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