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Our teacher gave us a hometask to find any American poet's poem and "explain" it. So I decided to see last winners of Pulitzer Prize.I found Sharon Olds and her "Satana said" (She got prize for other poem , but it was first one I found). I was shocked. It's so loathsome and stupid poem. It was an epatage ,but ugly and nonsencical one.Certainly , I forgot my idea about modern poems and chose Robert Frost's very beautiful old-school poem. 

What do you think about modern poetry? Can you advice me any good example?

May 1, 2014 4:47 PM
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Bruce , thanks))

May 3, 2014

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  This is a link to the performance by  Oscar Brown Jr. of his poem  "I apologize".



May 3, 2014

I'm finding good modern poets from all over the world)))

May 3, 2014

Robert Frost is one of the few American poets that I know. When you mention poetry, I don't think of the USA. However that is despite the fact that I have seen panel discussions with them. I think that it is because so many other things about the US are seen.


Look at this article for more poets

May 3, 2014