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Is there any Swedish teacher over here?

Hej hej,

I'm Steve from Nanning, China.

I would go to Umea university this Autumn for the master study.Therefor,I'm looking for a Swedish speaker who could teach me Swedish. I bought two books for learn Swedish,while I really hope could learn some basic Swedish with Swede.

By the way,if somebody interested to learn some Mandarin or Thai(I lived in Thailand for 4 years), I'm glad to help you,just let me know then.

Look forwards :D

May 2, 2014 3:27 PM
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Hej Steve! Congratulations on your future studies at Umeå University, swedish unis are the best in Scandinavia for sure :) Unfortunately, I'm not a Swedish teacher although I'm a native speaker so I could try and help you out! Feel free to contact me.

May 2, 2014

Hej Steve! Jag skickade ett meddelande till dig, men kan inte hitta det, så du kanske inte fick det :( 

Hope you kan understand my Swedish words :) I am studying Mandarin, and am looking for someone who can help me with correct and beautiful pronanciation. I want to speak like a native! And I can help you with both Swedish and English! 

Mvh Patrik

(Mvh is a shortening for Swedish: Med vänlig hälsning = With kind regards)

September 27, 2015

Add me on skype as; virelund.david, (pick the colorful picture) i can help you with the swedish language, i am a swedish native, and i am learning chinese (mandarin) on my own here in Sweden :3. and i hope ypu could give me some support and so on 

May 3, 2014
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