Why do we still have to learn English?

Why do we, Japanese people still have to learn English, even though it's obvious that we Japanese will never be able to speak it at all? 


You know, Japanese and English cannot be the same, and those two langauages have no similarities at all. Which means we can never know the cultural background of each expressions that every English speaker should know. I can't understand why you say what and I still make too many mistakes that can bring you confused all the time. I'm sure the time will never come when I can communicate without any misunderstandings in English, as far as you care for every single mistake I make. 

Above all, English is the language that we Japanese never use at all, but why do we have to be able to speak it in this kind of world where discrimination against Asians naturally happens? In some lands which once colonized by Britain and some other English speaking countries, people naturally have to speak English. Nevertheless some people might make mistakes and have some accents and not to mention Japanese people, who do not usually use English as "main" lanugage. Never! 

We can never be able to speak another foreign language after you've too grown up. I started to learn English in Japan at the age of 10 or so, but was it too late at all? Or was it in vain if it had not been for learning in the country where people speak English? Is English useless unless I learn it in English speaking country, at really, really early age of my life? 

But after all, I'm Asian. Who dare talk to me even though it's obvious I'm NOT from the country where people do not speak English as mother tongue? I know there still exists racism against Asian people. I know the people of other races will not understand us just because we are different, even if our pronunciation and the usage of words and expressions are perfect, more perfect than they speak! 


Should I give up learning English? Why do we have to learn English even though it's totally of no use for me? I've lost every reason with that I can be motiveted. I'm not also sure if I'm making sense (but who cares?). I'm sorry in advance for my too much poor English(oh the last sentence sounds too Japanese, I swear. And I'm too ashamed of that I have to be sorry for my poor English…). 

May 3, 2014 11:49 AM
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Hi, I learn English in 1 years and a alf, of course I am lacking of pratice and vocabulary. Oh by the way, my native language is French and I understand your feeling. Listen until the end please =)

Make your own decision, but be aware, if you don't talk English, it will be very difficult to speak to other poeple in other countries.

Making mistake or not.. well it will be by praticing to speak the language. The better to do it is to play video game with other person on Skype, teamspeak, things like that. You will learn the prononciation of words and become better and better. I first started with clan which they were only speaking in English. They have accepted me, I didn't understand for a long time, it was very hard. But, I was motivated to learn it, listening, speaking with my bad accent, writing it, watching english tv show, youtube show, playing all my video game in English and finish my highschool.

I am not that much sociable too, I am very shy, but think about that. Most English person don't even speak a second language and they think their language is hard as fuck. Well, this is hard and not hard personnaly, it's hard to remember everything, but the language is not hard in itself, not like french

If you are too shy to speak in English with you normal mistake because you are not a native speaker, find someone who don't care, find someone who is not a native speaker but speak a fine english.

If you listened until now, well I will be happy to speak English with you, at one condition, learn me the Japanese language. Why I want to learn it? This is very simple, one sentence to mean all: " I feel to be born in the wrong world ". Yeah, I don't love anything where I am living.

So I am planning to live in Japan, to live why my hearth beats and say to me, to there, in any case it will be better. No more space to write to say why, anyway you will be not interested




May 8, 2014

All people can learn any language don't matter the country is a question of practice. That is a lazy mind...One thing is we can't speak like a native another is we can't speak.

May 8, 2014

As a fellow introvert, I think it can be very difficult to speak a new language, even if you have been studying it for a long time.  I think people can be very hard on themselves for making mistakes, and sometimes are so afraid of making a mistake that they are too shy to even speak. 


I do sympathize with you - I'm a native English speaker and I'm trying to learn Japanese and it is so hard for me!


Should you continue to learn English?  I think it depends on why you are learning it.  Do you want a career that involves working internationally or with people who may only speak English?  Do you want to move to an English speaking country?  Then yes, you should probably keep practicing.  If not, and you find no joy in learning it, maybe not. 


Also, I'm very sad to hear about your experience in Germany - no one deserves to be treated so unkindly.

May 4, 2014

I believe tha not all people are racist and not all people cares if you speak english very well or perfectly as long as both of you can communicate and understand each other somehow. It is your choice to continue learning English or not. It is a personal calling especially in a country that don't require everyone to learn English because it is not widely used in their country. However, I must say knowing another language is an advantage.

May 5, 2014

Right advice - if something brings sufferings to you and you aren't quilty in it, throw it away from your life and be happy.

May 5, 2014
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