What do you do to keep your life organized?
May 4, 2014 11:00 PM
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I'm not very organized with my life, however a few weeks ago I've saw a very interesting method to do it. I don't remember the name of it, but is similar to scrum methodologies (they are used in it projects). It works as follow:

-at the start of every week you have to do a list of all the activities you'll have to do next week.

-then give them a score or a number representing their priority.

-after that, pick the most important task to be completed in the next week. Assing them a stimate duration time and schedule it for any day in the next week.

-once done, the week 'starts'. So you'll have to spend time in the assigned tasks for the current day. If you finished them, then you can start with the task of the next day.


As long as the method description recommend to work per week, you can choose a different ammount of time, for example 2 weeks. In scrum methodologies we used to call this period 'sprint'. It's not necesary that every sprint has the same duration, you can have a sprint of 3 weeks, and another of 4.



Hope this help

May 5, 2014

I'm still working on it. I use the calendar on my phone a lot to keep my schedule straight. I use a password app to remember many of my passwords, though I am still a bit lazy about keeping it up to date. over all, there is a lot of room for improvement.

May 4, 2014

I am not an organized person because I have a "Mañana Habit." hehe lol


The word "Mañana" means ‘tomorrow’ or ‘specified future time’ also known as “procrastination” in plain English. 


How it Works:
I need to do something now.
But then I decide to do it later.
As a result of the delay, I end up not doing it.
Now, I tell myself or somebody that I will do it tomorrow.
Tomorrow comes. The same cycle happens.
and shocks I just realize  deadline is fast approaching or very near. 

That's when I do all the things I have to do with a speed of a light. Deadlines is my inspiration. ><

May 5, 2014

Nothing. My life is a complete mess.

May 5, 2014

1. For implementation must take action for myself, I introduced in the near future frames, borders , or the ratio between the actions and learning new material or reflections - 75% and 25% of the rest , or 50 % and 50 %, and this pattern extends as far as possible on my every day, or rather , I subconsciously aspire to this after I made that decision , but here are all very flexible and depends on the situation .

2. After 25 minutes (this is one Tomatoes - 25 minutes - The Pomodoro Technique) or 50 minutes of work on the computer (mostly related to the study or the acquisition of new information ) I do what that thing or perform a number of actions towards achieving the goal , such as the removal of impediments or obstacles to the goal. Easier speaking, after 25 or 50 minutes of work at the computer to make a short break or a small physical work.

3.Just for scheduled day affairs consisting of actions or for a week or even 10 days ( this format is more convenient for me ) I use the Kanban board organized right on my fridge with the help of colorful magnets and small squares of paper on each of which I write one planned business and move this box to the refrigerator door as you complete this case. Kanban board came to us from Japanese management , and specifically with Toyota , where this tool is used by all of the worker to the Director-General. Kanban board allows us to visualize the problem and feel the dynamics of execution when the task , case or project through the stages of planning, execution start or stay in the implementation and execution of its business or closing and analysis of performance .

  Here are three tools I use to acquire a new skill - not to postpone the case (setting the framework and boundaries of time management by Microsoft, Tomatoes and 25 minute breaks in between which I fill actions - the Italian system , Kanban board - Japanese).


May 5, 2014
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