i want to read korean ..
May 5, 2014 7:12 AM
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think that Hangul in 15 Minutes is th best. It is a comic, and it teaches you everything you need to start reading right away. You can find it online:)

May 6, 2014

It is very easy to learn to read Korean. With a few hours of study, you should be able to read most words and from then all you will need is practice to improve your reading speed.


Here are some good websites to help you learn to read Korean:

http://www.koreanwikiproject.com/wiki/Learn_hangeul (use this one first, very clear and easy),

http://langintro.com/kintro/toc.htm (this one will teach you more advanced rules).


Good luck! Make sure to show us your progress by writing something in Korean soon :)

May 5, 2014


May 5, 2014

why you read korean ???????

May 5, 2014
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