learning a language

I know a lot of people like learning languages. some like to learn basics words and others would like to be a native speakers.

from experience :

 which must come first reading, writing or speaking?

which more accuracy you care about ?

what are the helpful steps to achieve all of them?

thanks for all of you.



May 6, 2014 1:38 PM
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just listen. listen and listen and listen. then just repeat. no writting at first. it's my suggestion .and it really works. 

May 12, 2014

I think there are one basic rule to learn every languages by natural, as a first step, that we cannot ignore it, and it is learn by listening and watching things in that language, Not matter if you don't understand all things, after sometimes you will see your improvement, and you will be natural speaker in that language.

May 12, 2014

1) Which must come first; reading, writing or speaking?

I find it hard to read (pronounce the words) a text in Persian script.

I also find it hard to write (compose) a Persian sentence as correct and natural as the Persian native speakers do.

I don't have the chance to speak face to face with a native speaker of Persian in my hometown. (I prefer an offline meeting)

So I prepare myself with <em>reading</em> vocabulary words and phrase modules only.


2) Which more accuracy you care about ?

The natural way of expression from native speakers of Persian


3) What are the helpful steps to achieve all of them?

I think I should always think in Persian to express about myself and describe things by making phrases.

I try learning some Persian expressions with English translation side by side (parallel texts as a guided learning).

I make sentences on my own by learning a vocabulary word in a complete sentence.

May 6, 2014