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One letter game.

It's simple - Take a movie title, remove ONE letter from its name, write a new brief...


[To make the game easier to play you can add one letter instead of removing one]


Alice in Wonderland  - A horror movie about mutant lice attacking the hapless denizens of Wonderland.

Troy - Hilarious romantic comedy about a man called Roy who gets into trouble when he sends his girlfriend a birthday cake hidden inside a fake bomb.


Man of Steel - A short little documentary on an Irish blacksmith.


Star Wars - Two local road paving companies go head to head to win a road construction contract. The city's Mayor is the father of one of the CEOs. 


Forrest Gump - A mom & pop gum store; struggling to survive in a tough economy. Will they be able to survive?


Sherlock Holmes - An extreme home makeover series set in 19th century Britain.

May 6, 2014 5:08 PM