Essay Outline--A Thousand Splendid Suns

Hey guys! I just finished the Outline of <em>A Thousand Splendid Suns</em>.

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On Afghanistan Social Status Quo ----A Probe Into the Feminie Consciousness From Mariam and Laila in <em>A Thousand Splendid Suns</em>
Ⅰ. Introduction
    1.1 The Author and His Writing Features
    1.2 The Content of the Story
    1.3 Literary Review
Ⅱ. Female Consciousness
    2.1 Definition
    2.2 Feminism
    2.3 Women’s Self-Consciousness
Ⅲ. Mariam and Laila’s Life in The Story
    3.1 Mariam’s Growth Environment
         3.1.1 The Brief of Mariam’s Tragedy
         3.1.2 The Causes of Tragedy
    3.2 Laila’s Growth Environment
         3.2.1 Laila’s Experiences
         3.2.2 The Brief of Laila’s Tragedy
    3.3 The Sisterhood Theory in the Feminie Consciousness
         3.3.1. The Definition
         3.3.2. Sisterhood in the Story
         3.3.3 Mariam and Laila’s Self-Affirmation
Ⅳ. Jungian Archetypes in Mariam’s Character
    4.1 The Definition of Jungian Archetypes
         4.1.1 The Definition of Shadow Personality
       Mariam’s Shadow Personality
        4.1.2 The Definition of Persona (Psychology)
       Mariam’s Persona (Psychology)
        4.1.3 The Definition of Animus
       Mariam’s Animus
Ⅴ.The Hardship of The Feminie Consciousness Under Afghanistan Social Status Quo
    5.1 Afghanistan Social Status Quo
         5.1.1 Afghanistan Religious Culture
         5.1.2 Afghanistan Politics
   5.2 The Causes of the Feminie Consciousness’ Hardship in Afghan
        5.2.1 Religion in Afghan
        5.2.2 Patriarchy in Afghan
Ⅵ. Conclusion

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May 9, 2014 6:37 PM
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It sounds very ambitious! I have read the book a few years ago. It was quite fascinating!

I am not sure if you write this thesis for the subject "Women's Studies" or  "Literature" or "Social Studies" because each of them would have a different emphasis (at least in my opinion).

It is not clear to me why you have this long chapter about Jungian archetypes and why you have chosen C.G.Jung in this context.

All the best for your forthcoming work!

Greetings from Vienna :)

May 10, 2014


I can see that your major is in English. I can't give any comment because I haven't read this book yet. And I think this level of English is too far for me.


I am here just to say "hi".


Keep up your work.!

Thank you.

May 9, 2014