Why did Italki's team delete my discussion without any alert :|

Dear Italki's team and Italki's members!

Last night, I spend about one and a haft of hours to write a discussion in French. Today it was already gone. You deleted my discussion without any warning, why?

The discussion is about political issue, and here is ten things not to do on this website.

According to this, I did not violate anything, therefore you don't have any reason to take my discussion down.

In additon to that, here is what you wrote about discussions on italki.

Right in the first sentence, you DID write "<em>If you want to discuss anything about learning a language, you can do that in italki discussions. You can also discuss issues like culture, arts, society, travel or anything else you can think of.</em>"

So Why did you take my discussion down without any warning. Or you think that I am not a Premium Member so that you could do anything to me. At least you should warn me so I could save my writing.

Let's come back to ten things not to do on this website, here is the 10th thing:

10.Disrespect fellow italki members

What you did obviously disrespect me. Or you don't count me as member here, Do I need to go to premium to become a member?


To all folks out there:

What do you really want from a discussion? If you don't want a serious issue, you'll never have a good debate. If you don't have a good debate to discuss, you'll never have a good opportunity to learn. Or you want some discussion like "<em>hey, where are you from?</em>" or "<em>hey, my birthday is bla bla bla, what's your?</em>". Yes, I saw some discussions like that here with a lot of comments.




May 9, 2014 8:08 PM
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Yeah, only bland topics allowed :P

September 12, 2014

Honestly, I think the deletions have gotten ridiculous. I don't think the site needs such heavy-handed censorship. But what has really become annoying are the prigs who pop up constantly to remind everyone of the guidelines. Don't you have anything better to do with your life?  Piss off. No one is forcing you to read those discussions.


An egregious example is when Sophia rudely commented on a perfectly legitimate question about a Turkish movie, asking how it was supposed to help with language. Well, I can tell you I learned quite a bit of Turkish vocabulary from that movie, and I would recommend it highly. And the young girl who wrote the post is getting a chance to practice expressing herself in English.



September 12, 2014

I certainly don't understand why some discussions are deleted and others remain.  There was a discussion titled "interests in life" with this text: "What is your hobbie? How have you found your hobbie or interest?"  The posts (including mine) discussed our hobbies and much was related to cycling.  I posted a link to an animated gif with a guy cycling on rollers and then the discussion was removed.  I don't understand that. You'd think if it was my post that caused this, they would send me a message explaining the reason so I didin't repeat the offence.

September 12, 2014

Oh Lord, my God! What's going on this topic? Jesus! Seriously! Ave Maria Cheia de Graça! 



September 13, 2014




You can't fool me :D


Dorothy, he didn't healed :D :D

September 13, 2014
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