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If you came here İstanbul as a tourist, what would you ask Turkish people about İstanbul?

It's about my homework, help me please!

May 10, 2014 7:09 AM
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How do I get to Taksim Square?


Where is Galata Tower?


Are those street kebabs safe to eat?


Where is a good meyhane?


Is the Grand Bazaar an over-priced tourist trap?


How do you say restroom in Turkish? :P


Where can I go for a hamam?






May 10, 2014

The sort of questions that I might ask are :

Where is the best place to eat ?

What foods do you recommend that I should try ?

Where can I get money from my travel card ?

What are the local sights ?

Tell me about this city ? How old is it ? What do the people do here ?

What places are unsafe ?

Where are the local markets ?

Where is the memorial to Kemal Attaturk ?

Is there a high lookout where I can see over the city ?

Are there any nice gardens ?


May 10, 2014

How can I go to Hagia Sofia?

May 10, 2014