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Are celebrities worth the enormous they are paid? And should they give more money to charities?

May 11, 2014 10:22 PM
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Many of them have created or performed good things that entertain us, such as movies or songs. I think many of them deserve it. I know some of them earn lots of money but also have their own charities that help poor people throughout the world. If there are extremely well paid people in the world who we should critizise, they would be politicians. I know there are lots of scoundrels that earn much more money than they should.

May 11, 2014

I think I’m not capable to say if their ‘worth’ the enormous amount they get paid. It’s pretty much determined by the management and production companies making an agreement for the share of royalties, it’s hard as it is to predict the earnings, and not the whole production team is equally famous, though they make a good amount to be self-sufficient. However, if they donate willingly to the poor, maybe the poor can one day buy/see their works. But I hardly doubt this is the motivation to give. Doing it willingly is by far the best intentions, I think. Doing it out of love is perfect.

Although, they’re not obligated to give to charities, just because in other parts of the world people dying of hunger, and have nowhere to go. If this would have solved the problem, than how come there’s still corruption? Let’s not see it ‘black and white’, there are reasonable explanations that people became poor without shelter and food. And even the smartest people rich or poor could be manipulated by a bribery.

Off course I don’t want to see the world living in huge contrast. And being unknown to each other. It’s almost evidently true that society will collapse, by its decadence, overly saturations without have a strong moral and social cohesive craving above all the riches one might gain.

And rich and poor people might be living on each side of the gap, but a strong notion that might close a gap is concerning social awareness of all kinds, that might be happening as they live in the same town, better yet have to go to the same malls, stores, markets etc.

Anyway, I don’t take it too seriously. Why do I need to complain? Does it help the poor? I like good movies, and I like that people have the freedom to choice, I think otherwise their have to be someone in charge, and a dictator in communisms never helped anyone being better.

June 7, 2014

Worth what they're paid? They're worth the attention we give them. And apparently, we give them tons of attention. 

June 7, 2014

Thank you for your answers. And I definitely agree that politicians are paid more than they should be.

Also many people think that they earn a lot of money "by sitting and doing nothing". But I really think that they're working hard and their job is not easy at all. They always have to worry about paparazzi and don't have their private lives. And that's the biggest cost of the fame. It gives you on one side, but takes away on the other. Also, I know that many of them give money to charities. It's great, but why not to help more if they can. I'm sure that as long as there are good people, there'll be more smiles on the faces. :)

June 5, 2014

I reckon they're not worth it... I mean, we could live without them, can't we?  Children can't live without food nor water. They must give MORE to charities, it's offensive to see people wasting money in cars, clothes and items that are really unnecesary while others would die for a paperboard box just to survive winter... even animals could be saved. Welcome to our world where the ones who procrastinate are well paid and those who work hard get misery. God bless us because it makes no sense.

May 11, 2014
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