Has anybody studied aboard?

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone here studied aboard, as in in a different country than they live. I am from America and I'm considering going to college in Europe due to many reasons, one being that university is much cheaper in Europe than here!


I have a couple of questions if you would like to share. Is it difficult if you don't speak the country's native language? How was the school? Did you eventually end up learning a lot of the country's langauge? Were you considering staying there or did you want to move back?



May 13, 2014 3:41 AM
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I am originally from Japan, but completed undergraduate double degrees and a postgraduate degrees in Australia. 


It was difficult at times, but it was manageable and definitely a huge learning curve for me.  I started with art degree and it went smoothly as there were a lot of international students.  It became more difficult when I started studying in Education where I was the only international student in tutorials.


I believe I learned a lot of general and academic English while I was studying at the university.  I was thinking to go home once I completed my study, but I met an Australian husband.  So, I am still in Australia.

May 13, 2014

Thanks for sharing. I'm just curious because I am going to college soon and the colleges are very expensive here therefore I was thinking about studying in Europe, maybe France, Spain or Germany because I have family there so maybe they can help me out once I move. I just wanted to know what I should be expecting. I'm very excited but also quite nervous. 

May 13, 2014