There's always something to learn

What word/phrase in your language or foreign have you learned recently that amazed you?

French - Moulin Rouge (I always wonder what that is. Turns out to be a real place that offers entertainment in Paris, hmmm It actually  passed my expectation!! :))

Moulin Rouge - Moulin - Mill            Rouge -red


May 13, 2014 3:10 PM
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hi guy!! can you tell me the different between tell and say!!!
July 23, 2016

I learned "헐" (Heol) that is used as a expression of embarassment and getting mad at the same time. Is very interesting because there's something that teenagers use in Korea too, that looks similar but is pronunced diferently, is used when they see something surprising or when you're annoyed by something, they say "훌" (hul).


note: It's Korean.


May 17, 2014