It's very difficult to learn English?

I can't communicate in English with my friends, because I am afraid to appear a slip of the tongue, English is really difficult to learn??

May 13, 2014 3:20 PM
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Thank you for your reply, I'm glad you give me advice!!

May 13, 2014

Well, what happens if you slipped over the tongue, can it be so bad?

I hope friends are not discouraging you. I’m trying to encourage everyone to hold on, even I have problems with French considering I don’t have friends to talk to in that language. English is okay I guess, but I’m not pretending I can teach you as a professional. Maybe you can ask someone to have a conversation with about your interests, and try to tell as accurately as possible what you mean to say. Being in a chat conversation only by writing to one another, can give you some time to think what you want to say, know etcetera.


Don't feel rushed or anything, take your time!

May 13, 2014

Thank you to my suggestion, I think it is very useful for me, thank you!

May 13, 2014

It is not difficult at all darling .. just try to practice it (reading and writing as well as listening are the best ways tomake you  gain a good language and  correct your mistakes)

May 13, 2014
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