Being Ignored here!!

This is an amazing web for practicing your skills in any languange that you are interested , but sometimes I do not why? you meet some strange people who start following you and you chat with them and everything. But in some cases they do not reply your messages even when they started at following I just met a man who wrote to me and asked me by my skype id but when I said "hi" on skype he just ignored my message haha , may be some people are easily offended by some things you say or just because they do not want to reply . I think whatever the case is they at least must say "sorry I don't have the time for talking to you or I don't want to talk to you " :) And we could say thanks for being honest I won't bother you more!! well this has happened to me a couple times maybe because. I'm too ugly or something haha I do not if any of you have been there!! Salud... and please feel free to correct my uncountable mistakes.

May 14, 2014 6:04 AM
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I’ve had the same situations were followers didn’t respond, and I do the same to others, to be honest. I guess there is just nothing to respond too, or I get too occupied with other things. When I have an incoming message on italki, I only get notified via Italki, and not through e-mail, I simply don’t like junk mail, it isn’t relevant if you would sign in every now and then.

But there is also time differences (time zones)  you have to be aware off, or just someone is occupied, or has a job, still people can be online and not sitting behind their desktop or laptop. I like all the comments before me. They are right!

Hope you’re not discouraged, it is also more vivid to get acquainted with someone in real life than via text messaging.

May 14, 2014

Nelson... I got the same feeling (and already talked about it in another post). Here is a Language Learning Community... Inside the meaning of "community" we have many words, such as "share", "interactivity", "politeness"... but these don't happen so often in many communities. If someone doesn't want to talk then should write you back "sorry, I'm only here in order to take lessons" or "sorry I'm a perv and just look for girls which I can talk on webcam because that's the only thing I'm interested in".

But don't get offended, this is all about what people use the community for: making friends, learning, teaching, helping, being helped or finding some girls/boys to chat on webcam hahaha

May 15, 2014

I agree with Jonathan. Well everybody has his own interests, but I am not at italki to chat. I am here to learn a language, and basically not to socialize. Although that might be a secondary enjoyable effect, but it's not the main goal. You practice writing in a notebook entry, you practice talking with skype.

May 15, 2014

This happens a lot.  I try to speak to everyone I follow.  Most of the time, for some reason, it just goes nowhere.  Sometimes they never respond.  Sometimes we talk a little bit, then just don't.  It can be frustrating.  There are a few people that I talk with regularly, and I am very grateful for their friendship and the help they give me.  Just keep trying.  It is worth the frustration when you find those people.

May 14, 2014

You are cute :D
there are all kinds of fish in the sea,don’t take it too seriously.

May 14, 2014
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