Sites that you use to learn Korean? ^-^


I'm looking for a few sites to learn Korean!

I already know about talk to me in Korean, harukorean, memrise and koreanclass101. Are there any more good, preferably free, sites out there to learn Korean?

Thank you in advance! \^-^/

May 14, 2014 9:37 PM
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Also, has some good stuff. 

May 15, 2014

In addition to Isabella's comment, if you are more serious about learning the language, Sogang University offers Korean courses for free online. They have books as well you can purchase (abt 13,000 KRW), but essentially it is all the same. I haven't used this method, but according to one of my former teachers the method they use is one of the better.  They have a computer interface where you can interactively answer questions and receive feedback. If there is something you don't understand you can simpy post a question here. 


Try visit and have a look. Good luck!


P.s. if you do decide to take classes, avoid Korean in 100 hours by Yonsei University (awful method, very old fashioned). Best method that I have come accross so far is Ehwa Korean. 

May 15, 2014

<a href=""></a>;

Teaches you Korean through lessons and levels :D

March 18, 2015

I really like the hellotalk app.  Also, KoreanFromZero has a good free book and videos.

February 23, 2015

Thank you everyone! I'll check these out. ^-^

May 15, 2014
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