Hi, I'm a high school student from Japanese and studying international society.

Compared by other countries, Japan is famous for its peculiar feature --- high-rate pagan; people don't believe Gods strongly.


On December 25th, we hold parties and enjoy the whole day with friends,lovers,or family.

But we don't have any Christ in our mind that day, just want a excuse to lark with everyone close.


When someone die, we go to a temple to hold a funeral for the dead.

But if we ask Japanese that what is the difference between shrine and temple,

even some people would struggle to answer it and end up that they are not sure.


It seems that we tend not to feel God in everyday life.


Do you think that religiousness is necessary or unnecessary for human being?

What's the positive side or negative side of religiousness?

I want to hear your opinions.

May 15, 2014 11:08 AM
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