RE: GERMAN School System. To anybody who finished from Kindergarten upto University Level. No. of years to--

Complete the whole German levels from Elementary School, High School to the University Levels.

I understand that right after High School, the German system branches more into other kinds of schools, like PolyTechniques, Schools with Special Needs, Vocational, Trade School and Business School to many forms different from the University. Also no Lyceum levels, but Gymnasium.


How does the scholastic level differ from vocational levels of education? Thanks a lot for any relevant information regarding this.

May 16, 2014 7:15 AM
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Thanks Nacir for the article. Though helpful, it gives me a limited vision the entire landscape of the German System. My German language teacher drew some graphics on the whiteboard which is also sketchy at best. I have some questions that needed answers in the limited landscapes I have gotten from your articles and my teacher. So I guess, the archives and latest Stats will help me at our Main City Libraries. Thanks nonetheless for the information, knowing you are always there at iTalki to help. Wait until I post those questions, I am sure you will help there too.....thanks in advance.  --Vil

May 17, 2014

Here is an article about the German school system. You can find more information in Internet.

May 16, 2014
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