Are people today luckier than they were 50 years ago?

What do you think? Are people today luckier or happier than they were 50 years ago? Share your opinions about it in Japanese together with reasons. 





May 16, 2014 1:25 PM
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Thank you for commenting! 


By the way, here`s some words that can be used for this topic. I hope this will help you to absorb some words. 


Firstly, let`s examine the question itself. 





ex) A is -er than B. A はBより-。

__years ago= ~年前

ex) 50 years ago=50年前


Now, how do you say share your opinion? Well, it`s quite easy. We say ~をシェアする for sharing something in English. Opinion as you already know means 意見(いけん), so what will you share? Yes! 意見”を”シェアする,right?


This time 人々が彼等の意見をシェアしました.Those were constructive and very happy to take a look at. Hope to see you next time as well. 

May 17, 2014

Every old men think that his childhood was better, grass have more green, and sky have more blue.


Or another point of view - if one improve himself - world become better place. More money, more food, more love, more friends, better hause.


Now we have lot of usefull device to comunicate and study, everyone can listern Harward lectures around the world for free. Everyone can fly and travel - it is cheap.

May 16, 2014

I think people from 50 years ago were more luckier than today,

life is so complicated now a days,

May 16, 2014















June 10, 2014

I found a quite good example of why I sometimes don`t think people today are luckier than the people in the past. 


My father was surfing the internet and he addressed me that he gets frustrated when it`s loading. It takes a few seconds to download,but wait. It`s just a few seconds. It`s not a big deal for me though it was for him. 


Come to think that it was much slower before but of course people at that time must have been content with the speed of it though it might have been quite slow for us nowadays. 


One thing we can learn from this is that we don`t actually know whether we can say we are happy just with some new technology and some sorts. People might gets frustrated even with some new ones like my father did ^ ^ 

June 8, 2014
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