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The Street Art is the urban art, with urban style. We see street art every time around us , in the street , on the underground,on the way, and sometimes at school or on a wall of a supermarket or a tower building. In this art we can found : the graffities, the painting, the sculpting , the drawing, dancing ; All These supports help the artist to capturing our attention and to send an universal mesage. We find a lot of focus in the street art, but the main objectif of the urbain artist is to denounce the social injustices, the distress , and, at least by sending a mesage. Why this kind of Art is it sometimes forbidden ? Wich activities represente the Street Art ? Street Art is a real Art or just something drawed ? What feelings Can we feel when we look at an awesome mural or graffing ?

The Dance in the Street Art:
* Street Dance appeared in the Twentyth century. Dancers used their bodies to dance, express theirselves and to capturing the attention of the crowd. Battles of dance were organized and some crew show up what they can doing in dance, the winner of the battle would earn a lot of money.Nowadays we can Street Dance anywhere. At the cinema there are many film wich promute Street Dance, like :" Street Dance 1 to 3"; "Sexy Dance 1 to 3"; "Honey 1 to 2". Street Dance isn't something forbidden, but the battles with a lot of money to earn it is. This kind of Street Art is liked by the children and teeanagers of cities.

The Graffities in the Street Art:
*Graffities is something punish by the law. The artists use aerosols to "write" , "graff" or "painting" on a mural, or on a wall of the street.
This kind of hobby is punish by the law because some people use the art of the graffiti to send racist, sexist, or homophobic message.
But at least , others artists use the graffiti to denounce the socials injustices, the "brainstorming" of the government or just to send a peacefull message.We see the most of graffities in the USA (United States of America) The most popular graffities make people aware of the situation of their country. For the graffities we can quote some artists such as Banksy, Above ,Titi Freak or Roa.

In the Street Art, the artist want to aware and ponder on the situation wich we are living. Others, painted murals to remember at the society an historical event, what's happened, like the mural of the summer of 69 in Belfast.
When people see street art there are so many fellings they can feel: - the admiration
- the questioning
- the fear
- the sadness

To conclude we can pretend that Street Art is really an art like the others and had the same mains focus: make feel emotions.
For my point of view Street Art is one of the reak art.I think that graffities should be autorized but regulated to avoid many problems.I think that Street Art is the most awesome art, you don't have to be rich,you don't have to be famous,you are anonymous , only the work is juged.
I Will conclude with this quote of a emblematic street artist Banksy :"“Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing.
And even if you don’t come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they’re having a piss.”

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