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你喜欢Yang Opera吗?

我今天在中国日报欧洲版上看了一篇关于Yang Opera的文章。(Yang Opera用汉字怎么写?)文章上有许多很有趣的照片, 不过缺乏信息。Yang Opera和京剧有什么区别?Yang Opera在什么地方受欢迎?谁喜欢看?你们去哪儿看?请大家给我介绍一下Yang Opera, 谢谢。

May 20, 2014 5:39 PM
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Never heard before


May 21, 2014

Yang Opera?





May 21, 2014

I don't know what is yang opera,but i guess it means "阳" masculine.Can you extract some sentences of that assay?

so that i can't search and tell you the difference between they two.and who likes yang opera. and there are many kinds of opera such as 黄梅戏,京剧,豫剧,越剧,粤剧,川剧 and so on.

generally,young peoples don't like any opera.the audience are almost the old.because most the young don't like opera.

and there are some special theatre to play opera.


I'm sorry i don't know something about yang opera though i search it in chinese search engine.so i introduce opera to you instead


May 21, 2014