Which English topics are most important to you?

For the italki World Cup Language Challenge, I'm offering a packaged course with the most common topics that my students have requested.



- Introduction

- Hobbies

-Daily routine

- Dreams and Goals

- Education and work experience


Work Life

- Interviewing for a job

- Expressing Preferences

-Communicating with the boss

- Communicating with Coworkers

- Types of jobs



-Meeting new people

- Describing people

-Asking for a Date

- Making small talk

-Difficult Social Situations


Food and Travel

-Ordering out


-Describing places

-Asking for Directions

-Taking a vacation


Additional Topics

-Health and Lifestyle

-Personal Developement


-Current American cultural trends

-Your Neighborhood

-The Environment


-Love & Relationships

-Cultureal Differences

-Idioms and Slang



Which topics are most important to you? Would you add any topics to the list?

May 21, 2014 12:50 AM