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Answer this English question?

Xibu dpmps ep zpv mjlf?

May 21, 2014 10:16 AM
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Oh well in that case my favourite is  sfe. dont bother using the enigma code though, I've got an enigma machine right next to me

May 27, 2014


You are a liar.  You quickly reached the answer, which disappointed and surprised me.  Okay, I'll try to make a new one now, but it must be easy... 

May 22, 2014


Okay.  I spent a quaryer trying to solve yours hahah.  Replace a letter to a letter that comes next to it. 

ex) A to B, B to C,

Abc to Bcd

May 22, 2014

Ken, it's a code. The letters have been shifted one letter forward. I spent ages trying to find some kind of pattern before I realised that haha

May 22, 2014

is it a code or a riddle? 


I assumed it was just jibberish so I replied with jibberish...

May 22, 2014
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