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Best online tools for learning English

I really like learning English but I'm too busy to go to an English class. The only choice I have is to learn online with my partners. Today I want to share the tools I use for my learning. After that, I wish to hear from you too.

1. I go on here to look for language partners. I can find someone who is learning my language and willing to teach me his/her language for free.
2. Google Hangouts: I used to Skype but now Google Hangouts is definitely more useful. Can video chat with up to 10 people. 

3. VoxyPad app: This is an app that works very well for online learning. The app acts as a blackboard for me and my partner. We have the shared space for taking notes, interacting on web contents and Dropbox files. And it's the best because I can learn on the go and the connection is very good for a free app.

4. Eslpod: I used to cook and wash dishes while listening to this and copying his words at the same time. The host speaks very slowly so it's easy to hear, understand and copy. Various topics to choose from.


What website/mobile app are you using to learn English online? Let's share to be shared.

May 21, 2014 10:24 AM
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The THEOI Library has many classical Plays, texts, etc which can be read on-line, mosttraslated by First Tier Scholars

"Prometheus Bound" by Greek Playwright AESCHYLUS was

written about 2,500 years ago. It is a wonderful read in English, and also,

brief. It contains many essential concepts which will help one understand English.

It is free at the following site:


And Finally,

Here, if you look for the symbol for the speaker, colored Red, you can listen to the Bible as it is read in English.



The Kindergarten through 12th Grade Reader can be a great resource for learning.




<a href=""></a>;


May 21, 2014

Good idea 

April 11, 2015

ONLINE STUDY LINKS for English (Pronunciation Dictionary)

Information on the TOEFL Exam @ the "ets" website @



And the same in AUDIO FILE ONLINE

Here you can find thousands of audio files for many great books.

You can find the audio files for Alice in Wonderland as well.

This link is for the audio file with the AMERICAN accent. (It's a bit fast but one can change the speed of playing)

This link is read by someone with a British accent:


TED Lectures @




May 21, 2014