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Learn a new language efficiently--sign up for lessons!

Lessons are immediate, corrective feedback for your learning needs. If you have homework or a report due, or are working on improving your English in order to go out in to the world and make new friends, get an invaluable return on your efforts by taking lessons. 


Top 5 Reasons Lessons are your Best Choice for Learning a Language


1) It is immediate response to your questions

2) It is a space to practice. Doing is learning!

3) Since you are practicing speaking with a real person, your confidence will improve as you test your skills in a real life situation that is safe and non judgmental.

4) You can get explanations regarding grammar and sentence construction that isn't offered in the notebook corrections and discussions board. 

5) You don't have to read through time-consuming replies to questions, just to figure out one small aspect of English language construction.


There it is!




If you really care about improving your English speaking and writing in a way that is noticeable to others, you need to start a lesson today!




Mary-Beth Grimaldi xoxo

May 22, 2014 7:36 PM
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Wow Mary-Beth-Grimaldi, your article is very good !It's a good motivation.

May 22, 2014