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Dialogue - using there is or there are + how often

Jessica: - Hello dear!

Pattie: - Howdy,friend!

Jessica: - Honey,HOW OFTEN do you buy new clothes in the shopping?
Pattie: - Well,I'll usually go at 5:00 p.m .

Jessica: - Why?

Pattie:  - Cause ' I got many promotion.Don't you think have fun?

Jessica: - No.

Pattie: - No? Why?

Jessica: - Because there's people a lot  on that place.I'd(I had) phobia.

Pattie: - So...alright. I see you!

Jessica: - Bye! 


May 24, 2014 10:48 PM
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Thakn you,Bruce.

May 26, 2014

In the dialog that I created, some of the girls loved going to the mall shopping for fun thought. While the other girl odiava.Não for shopping, but for having many people in that place.

May 26, 2014

Hello Elizete:


   That is a good  composition.  You used   "there is" and "there are" and "how often"  quite well.


One sentence that needed fuller expression was this one:


"Cause ' I got many promotion.  Don't you think have fun?"


  It might be written this way for more accuracy.  "Because I got  ("a" or "my")  promotion.


   "Don't you  want to have  fun?"   or  "Aren't you thinking about having some fun?"


  Phobia is also a technical term.  The more common term  about discomfort in a  crowed would be "fear".  So if we say;  "There's a lot of people in   that place!"    ...we would usually be referring to a fear.


  We would use   PHOBIA  if  a  person  had been to a Psychiatrist and  received an actual diagnosis for a PHOBIA ("fear").   It is more normal  for people generally to refer to their "fear" of a large crowd  or a general discomfort.


  Good writing  for a dialogue  Elizete.


May 25, 2014

what is the funny thing?thank  you!

May 25, 2014

sorry, i don,t got it. would you please give any explain to me?

May 25, 2014