visionary life

what is your visionary life in your mind????

plz tell me this! I like to know:D

May 25, 2014 7:03 AM
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Since I graduated from university, I have been working as a designer in a state firm in Suzhou, China for about 1 year. After one year of working hard and suffering tribulations from work and life, I realised that life is not easy for anyone born in a lower income family in our country, and the only thing we could do is working hard to get enough money in early age in order to live comfortably when we getting old. About the visionary life, I have lots of dreams or called goals to be achieve, but it is hard to make it come true in the situation I ran into. I think that society is a better university for teaching me to see the facts and waking me from unrealistic dreams.

May 25, 2014

Hi! I'm not sure. There are days when I don't have any picture of me with a job or children, is that, without future. But I'll tell you according to years:

-In 3 weeks: taking all exams with a very good mark. I hope so.

-In 1 month: studying foreign languages like: English, French, German and then some. I would like to go to another country like Britain, United States, Australia.... It's something impossible since I don't have enough money neither time. I'll have to wait for being adult.

-In 1 year: I will be finishing high school of sciences. Graduation, party, happiness, university entrance exams, marks of this...

-In 1 year and 4 months: being in a good university God willing, preferentially abroad. To me that would be a dream come true. New lifestyle, people, more independence... An opportunity to study languages from native speakers. But I only could do it if I get an educational scholarship. Specialty would be, with a high mark, medicine and if not, languages or nutritionist. Who knows?

-In 7 years: gratuate in something. Looking for job far from home, which can keep me satisfied, and at ease.

-In 10 years: I hope I have found the man of my life until then. Maybe, still enjoying our love and have children, overcoming the obstacles from our way.

-In 30 years: to say that life is beautiful and was worth the effort.

-In 70 years: not regret mistakes, thinking about this moment when I dreamed my life.



May 25, 2014
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