who else except "Beth" needs evidence to understand that "there's no conclusion yet about the origin of human"

do you believe it? a worldwide mystery, as well as a debate has long time haunted the academic circle has just been considered solved by Ms. Beth (or her idol the wonderful Scientist Li)...


I don't know what's your reaction, but I can't do anything but laughing! 



May 26, 2014 1:37 PM
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   ThirstyBear:   Your Passive-Aggression is duly noted.


   It is self-evident that owing to your inability to conduct  a  reasonable dialogue with another Italki Member, your chose to resort  to public ridicule of the forum member.


  You also ridiculed an Italki Member   concerning their fluency  in language, which also is inappropriate.


  I noticed a specific contradiction in your communication however,

which can be  given public attention.



"t seems I shouldn't be discussing such sientific topic with you here while finding out you neither have the knowledge nor the intelligence of undstanding it!"---ThirstyBear






  To wit, you crriticize a forum member for not discussing a Scientific topic in the context of Knowledge and then you informed the forum member that you were only discussing an OPINION.


  In addition, you employed the Naturalistic Fallacy,  because   the "HUMBLE" that you claimed is a values   designation,  which cannot be determined  by Science.


   So it is clear that your dialogues per the link,  was never clear as to whether you discussed Science  or an "OPINION".


    At any rate, your attemp   drum up support here is not going to be effective.

If you seek pity or sympathy from other forum members, I propose to you that these will not be forthcoming.



May 26, 2014

I have to say I don't particulary like your tone in this discussion. This obviously is a topic, which for a reason I'm unable to understand, really grinds your gears...


Interesting to hear other aspects on the origins of humans, but even though you say it's only a hypothesis it really seems like there's a common understanding among most scientists that it's more or less as Beth states. 


But please, me, and hopefully others in here would appreciate a more "grown up" discussion, by that I mean avoiding personal attacks and discussions about other members level of intelligence. 

May 26, 2014


May 27, 2014

and to beth's empty headed supporters, especially that Bruce & that mellern:


mind sharing with me some more "common understading" ???


mind opening your both eyes to see whether I'm here to seek pity? bruce, the JUDGER___by guessing?


also in here it's only a languages site, but really I hope we have some sharp/sincere minds to talk with other than just a place full of empty-heads and hypocrites!

May 29, 2014

to that beth:


you are a bit too quiet recently, aren't you? making no assertion?


well, wasn't that you who's screaming for evidences? did you see it?


did you see steveh's posts? ... according to the DNA new discoveries, appearently you and him are separatedly descended from at least partially different ancestors...


how could your hearsay of DNA proof explain this phenomenon???


And following up your ridiculous train of thought, quote "如果中国人和其他人不一样,哪个是最好的呢?(if different, then who's the best?)", 


now pls tell me who's the best between you and this 艾伯特-佩里(haplogroup A00)?

May 28, 2014
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