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Multicultural Monday - Clothing

What is the national dress (clothing) of your country?


Add your country/ nationality and give as much detail about the outift as possible in the comments below.


For example:

My name is Kirsty and I am from Scotland. One part the Scottish national dress is the kilt. The kilt is a knee-length garment with pleats at the rear. It is most often made of woollen cloth in a tartan pattern.

Although the kilt is most often worn on formal occasions and at Highland games and sports events, it has also been adapted as an item of fashionable informal male clothing in recent years, returning to its roots as an everyday garment.


(Please note this is purely an English practice and culture sharing exercise)

May 26, 2014 3:27 PM
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Clothing in India varies from region to region depending on the ethnicity, geography, climate and cultural traditions of the people of that region. Historically, men and women clothing has evolved from simple Langotas, and loincloths to cover the body to elaborate costumes not only used in daily wear but also on festive occasions as well as rituals and dance performances. In urban areas, western clothing is common and uniformly worn by people of all strata. India also has a great diversity in terms of weaves, fibers, colours and material of clothing. Colour codes are followed in clothing based on the religion and ritual concerned. For instance, Hindu ladies wear white clothes to indicate mourning, while Parsis and Christians wear white to weddings.


Source: Wikipedia


More can be read on


This information is by and large authentic.

May 26, 2014

Hello, my name is Petrelbear and I am from China. Nowdays, I think the most important Chinese national dress is Chines tunic suit. Except for the collar, it is very similar to Western-style business suit. We hav e few buttons sewing along the cloth till the collar.

May 26, 2014

is a traditional dress of South and Central Asia, especially of Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it is worn by both men and women. In India it is worn mostly by women. It is also worn by women in Bangladesh. Shalwar are loose pajama-like trousers. The legs are wide at the top, and narrow at the ankle. The kameez is a long shirt or tunic, often with a western-style collar; however, for female apparel, the term is now loosely applied to collarless or Mandarin collared kurtas. T

May 26, 2014

Hi Zubair, thanks for joining in the discussion.  What is the traditional dress of your area and what is a pent shirt exactly?

May 26, 2014

Thank you Petrelbear and Lia.  Your contributions are very interesting and informative.

May 26, 2014
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