what are the best certificates someone willing to teach English on the internet or in the United States must have?


Tesol ?


I really need to get one.



May 26, 2014 10:32 PM
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Dear MondayTuesday,

I can't thank you enough for all the information given, I really appreciated it.

Well now I'm prom to get either TKT or Celta , I'm going to take some private classes here, I just scheduled my first one next Thursday with a teacher called Lorena, I see that you don't have any availability, is that right? In case you have some free time , I'd like very much to have classes with you.I want someone to prepare me for either certificates.


Best wishes



May 27, 2014

CELTA is about making sure that educated native speakers can survive in a language classroom.  It was designed to address a market need for an introductory, very basic pre-service qualification so that language schools had some way to guage who could basically meet students' expectations.  CELTA presents *one* method of language instruction and you have to pass practical and theoretical exams to get the certificate.  If you've already been surviving and doing well as a teacher, then CELTA might be boring.


I wanted to mention also:


This is a site with webinars, forums, job opportunities -- it's $40/year and it's good value.  Just being a member is a good way to demonstrate professionalism, which is probably the biggest concern for schools hiring teachers anywhere.  



May 27, 2014

TKT is used as proof that non native speaking teachers have the oral fluency and vocabulary to manage a classroom in English.  It's not marketed to teachers in native-speaking English countries because it's not necessary.  It's marketed heavily to non-native speaking English teachers.  


Most native speaking teachers don't do TKT because if you've done a university degree in English it goes without saying that you have the requisite language skills to manage a classroom in English and to read / write / speak / understand English.


If you're a non native speaking teacher looking to work in the US - and already have teaching experience - then, yeah, CPE or TKT as evidence of speaking ability might be the best choice. 


Mostly it's about what STUDENTS will pay for.  Students' preferences determine who gets hired.  If you're offering solid, intelligent, engaging lessons (and have a portfolio and references that demonstrate that) then maybe your current qualifications are enough.


Serice delivery factors like reasonable prices, good and consistent availabilty, treating people well, having a good balance between serious work and offering enjoyable sessions -- these are as important and -- if you address these factors specifically in a cover letter -- demonstrating awareness of **the business needs**of any school -- then that alone puts you above most applicants.  


In terms of being prepared to be awesome as an English language teacher, though, CELTA is a good start and DELTA is the best!  I did the DELTA and it was the best learning I ever had and it's what has opened many doors for me in my career (getting recognized for licensure in ESL in Canada, becoming an IELTS Examiner, etc)





May 27, 2014

Sorry, I skipped the part when you mention TKT from Cambridge, lol !

See you


May 27, 2014

Dear MondayTuesday,

thank you so much for your reply ,but one thing I haven't understood yet, Celta teaches you how to prepare classes and so on, but I have been teaching private classes in Brazil for more than ten years, I have a lot of experience in class preparation, choosing especific subjects, grammar topics and so on, I have a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and CPA certificate.So here I can teach in language schools, no problem.

But the thing is, maybe in the near future I'll need to move to the USA and then I'll need a proper certificate , and as far as I understand the best one is TKT ?? I don't know much about it, is it a Cambridge one?

Well, thanks again

Take care


May 27, 2014
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