How do you feel when you encounter a situation in which you can not act like yourself?

And after that situation, I wonder how you can manage to feel good again!

May 27, 2014 2:22 PM
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I think in any situation you behave like yourself. Whether or not you like this behavior is another quastion.

June 4, 2014

Yes, indeed good question:

I would feel like not being me when I’m dealing with ‘peer pressure’. I normally don’t stop to think about motives why I do what I do, that ship had sailed a long time ago. But dealing with peer pressure it’s me versus the others and me being the subject, weak point of the group is to question my motives for me behavior all at once, and my character being mocked. I can’t recall from back in the days, that I was thinking about myself, thus my own personal health, wealth, and feelings when I was joining a group of friends for instance. But that’s something I’m considering to talk about with them when I’m not feeling well, or having a bad mood etcetera., and they’ve or one of them suggests we should do something, I’m not into. In the past, this has not taking very well by the group, it could be me being untactful, or both they’re just made up fun/good thing everyone should like or appeal to. Well, I don’t like to be dictated. So the discussion has been sparkled, I’m not able to extinguish the fire. When the whole group start to accuse me of being a buzzkill, I can only discuss with intentions of reconciling when the emotions have calmed down. Shouting never helps to be more right, although it’s intimidating. And under pressure, I think people can’t always act like themselves.

June 4, 2014

good question :)

i always try to act like myself , i won't change myself because of an others or i dunno  , i guess this happend when you think you are not enough good in comparing by an others , and you wanna show urself such as what that they like . . . teanagers always are like this . they wanna be the center of attentions so because of this happen may being depressed .

when i think i'm far away from my self i will say " what the **** ?! what is wrong me ?! " and my answer always help me for getting back to my self .


June 4, 2014