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Are you going to attend? :D Gabriel Wyner's live class on "Become Fluent in Any Language"

Is anyone else going to attend this free class on becoming fluent in any language? :o


I saw this ad on about Gabriel Wyner's live class on "Become Fluent in Any Language." It is only free if you watch it live. It is a 3-day long class, from 9am to 4 pm (GMT -7). A nice bonus is after the free enrollment, you will find information to get a $10 Italki voucher ^^ Link:


I am really looking forward to the class because of his KickStarter video ^O^. After doing language exchange and tutoring for a while, I agree with a lot of points that he mentioned in his videos. So I am really excited to see what else he has to say. Plus, I love to learn and discuss about language learning methods haha.

His KickStarter page:


A side note, if you are going to attend the class, make sure you visit this link when the class starts:


That is the link that will show you any class that is being broadcasted and/or rebroadcasted. I missed partial of a class that I was interested in watching because I didn't go to the right page (>.>)" I was staring blank at the course page. That was a big ops.


Are you going?!!! :D

May 28, 2014 8:04 AM
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"A software package that will train your ears to hear the pronunciation of a new language in two weeks."---from the "Become Fluent in Any Language" website


 I would laugh  if it was not so painful.  Prices go between  $3.00 (three dollars) to

  $60.00 (sixty dollars)   to    $2,100 (twenty-one hundred dollars)

  to  ($3600)  (three thousand six hundred dollars) for their  program.


  You could "train your ears to hear the pronunciation"  of any new language, at no

or little cost to yourself by listening to free videos of Poems,  Nursery Rhymes, and Songs

in a  target language.


     Look;  you can "hear the pronunication"  of any language even without this training.


You can pay for the "training"  or you can just listen to the language  with modern technology

and "train your ears"  by practice.  You do not have to pay exorbitant sums to learn a language.



May 28, 2014

You just forgot to mention one thing... THE DATE !!

May 28, 2014
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