Learn Filipino/ Tagalog from English Language

Hi, Before we begin, Let me ask you if you heard a filipino talks? Or even went to the Philippines and had experienced talking to a filipino?


Well I can teach you basic Filipino or Tagalog language, for a begineers, 

Lets Start:


<em>Tagalog - English</em>


Ako  - Me

Ikaw - You

Sila - Them

Kami - We/ Us



Magandang Umaga - Good Morning

Magandang Hapon - Good Afternoon

Magandang Gabi - Good Evening

Magandang Tanghali - Good Noon

Paalam  - Goodbye



This is just only a quick discussion, but if you want to learn more! Just approach me!







May 29, 2014 3:35 AM
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