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Thinking Thursday (Discussion)

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- Should university education should be free?

May 29, 2014 10:13 AM
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My opinion in short. Education shouldn't be a business.

May 29, 2014

There is a growing number of students who want to enroll a university for higher education. Whether this should be free or not is now become hot topic among citizens. I personally think that university education must be without any fees because it helps to financially poor students become more competitive in the job market as well as it maintain social harmony.

In the first place, it is true that university education is very expensive nowadays, and consequently, many poor students are away from this opportunity. If they don't have a university qualification, they are not qualified to apply for the post for higher level. This also means that  poor students never get a chance to serve in reputed position of public or private sector. Therefore, to provide equal opportunity to poor students, university education must be free for everyone. 


Moreover, by providing university education free of cost, students become well-educated citizens, and are less likely to break law in the society. There is an evidence that a large number of uneducated people has been involed in numorous anti social activities such as drug dealing, breaking comman laws. Hence, if the government provides them a subsidy for their higher education, they will become responsible citizen.when people become highly educated, it is easy to maintain social harmony in the local community. 


In conclusion, free university education become an essential matter to address as it provides a great opportunity to poor people to become competitive in modern society. What is more, only educated people follow the rules and regulations which ultimately play positive role to maintain social harmony.

June 1, 2014

The university education should be free for meritorious and economically weaker students. If the student is bright and has good academic record and at the same time financially not strong enough to pay for higher education, it should be free for such student. A formal criteria should be made for helping such students not fixing any limits to it. The number of seats on offer for free should be unlimited based on the set criteria. The expenses should be borne out by the government. The government might put condition like the student will repay in installments from the salary after getting job. It can also set condition that if the performance falls below certain standard, the scholarhip may be discontinued on the basis of evaluation by competent authority.


For the students who are meritorious as well as in sound financial situation, it should not be free. Though some extra benefits might be given to them.

May 29, 2014

University education should be free: Everyone should have the right to learn what they want because everybody is able to find answers and solutions to problems that are still unknown.


I´m not talking about science only, I'm talking about art and its role on the human expression, about our social behaviour because we should to learn that we are here together, about our country's culture because we feel happy when we belong to something. I´m talking about the science, of course, and about those disciplines that dictators have tried to kill.


Instead to pay for education, I think that education should promote the good efforts made by students. And put their work at the community service.


If you have to pay for education, you will learn the money value.

If your learning helps your people, you will learn the life value.

May 30, 2014

iN MY country it is free.

The all stages of Education are free

or you pay very little money.



But in my opinion it depends on the natural of country 

and it differences feom one to another.



June 2, 2014
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