What about time? (Discussing Italki’s international usage

What about time? (Discussing Italki’s international usage)

I’ve noticed a barrier due to the different time zones <em>we</em> live in. And this can cause inadequate communication for a descent voice chat, textual messages maybe not that big of a deal. Although I think the orientation in a new language <em>we’re</em> learning is best sufficed when it’s in an actual conversation within the means the normal pace <em>we’d</em> talk to each other in <em>our</em> native tongues has to be the same for <em>our</em> target language. Text chatting is almost as good as voice chat, to keep the pace going. But what about time? Does anyone facing the same problems? Can’t synchronize agenda’s with contacts from abroad? Do you have a solution?

Right now, I think I’ve improved my English in writing, although I still stand confined of learning to articulate smoothly, since there’s no one on Italki who can review my ability of speaking. I read enough English texts every day, and automatically I would read out loud, but it’s not sufficient for what I’ve aspired.

I get to the point that I make contacts with people that are abroad, and not be able to have a voice chat with. I’m also a little shivery to immediately ask someone for a voice chat, because I want a real understanding for each other’s time schedules and limitations. With all due respects: people work, people do chores, shop, eat, sleep visit they’re friends and wants to rest etc. and it’s very important thus all understandable, but why isn’t there any synchronization method for contacts you’ve made on Italki?

The <em>cursive</em> words I added in the text is intentionally, meaning I speak for myself. So, what about you?  

May 30, 2014 10:30 AM
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It is very difficult for me to find native speakers in my African target language purely due to time differences, they are all about 10 hours out of sync with me. As one of the comments said, why not try and contact people from England or France directly, they are in you time zone ( or very, very close).


The other options are - become a night owl or find a friend who is a night owl already.

May 31, 2014

If it's English speakers you're looking for, then adding people from all of North America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand will almost guarantee you finding someone online at any given time. 

May 31, 2014

jonathan the way your mind makes sentences is way too different with mine!
your mind makes complex sentences, i couldn't keep reading your writing! 
  i m wondering if your mind just produces hard sentences in english
 or it does the same in your own language!
  it is very fun, to see  one mind this different :))) :o :O :)

May 31, 2014

Ah, not solution really. But I once molested my neighbours by having an hour Korean lesson at 04.00 AM. It was kinda funny. They thought I was talking some strange jabber in my sleep.

May 31, 2014

Sorry, Jonathan, I got a wrong spelling here. It should be 'partners'. 

May 31, 2014
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