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How to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview

How to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview in English when you don't speak English fluently ? It's not only the pressure of the interview. but also the pressure of speaking a language not yours.
 if you could help. That's would be great 

May 30, 2014 11:21 PM
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I would like to add to the discussion, I am not an expert but I have gained this insight while working in Human Resources (before moving to hotel operations) in a hotel setting;

Any job interview is always a challenge and more stressful especially if English is a second language. The minute you walk into the room, the way you introduce yourself, firm handshake

and a friendly manner will greatly influence the interviewer.  The first question is always to "break the ice" meaning it is the first question the interviewer will ask in order for the interviewee feel at ease. Practice with someone who speaks English fluently. If you graduated from a prestigious university in your country, do not assume that the interviewer knows about the University you graduated from. Don’t give too much information either or the interviewer will get bored. Always observe the body language. Familiarize with the company wherein you are applying for a position. Be straightforward or direct with your answers. If you cannot understand the question, please ask the interviewer to re-phrase it. Never apologize for your accent – if the interviewer cannot understand your answer, make it simple enough to be understood. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview especially if you are applying for a job in America.  And lastly, you can turn your being a bilingual to your advantage. Nowadays, Companies diversify with regards to their employees.


Asmaa, Good luck !

February 14, 2015

the rule is  parctise makes perfect the more u practise the more u become better in english  and u must have self confidence its very important some people are good in english but becouse of confidence they can't answer or make mistakes   and also u have to lesson to the most comman interview question and   have thier answers with the right gramer and pronounciation 


February 12, 2015

It is good way to wear the good clothes.

And Having a meaningless self-confidence is also important.

Because you cannot apeal by what you can talk, you need to cover your disadvantage by the other advantages.

Good Luck!!



May 31, 2014

Johnsonyou can ask the interviewer to ask the question that you don't understand with different words (easier ones). 
but actually I can understand everything said but when I answer  I keep stutter. It looks like I have a lack of confidence and I really hate that.

May 31, 2014

I face the same problem with you. I am always nevrous in an english interview. sometimes i cant understand what i listened also cant answer it.

May 31, 2014