Tools for learning spanish vocabulary

Other than duolingo, What is a good tool to use for help with spanish vocabulary? I am looking for something that would let me make my own vocabulary lists as well as something that has premade vocabulary lists? looking for suggestions for a tool that does one or both of these things (let's you create your own vocabulary lists and/or has premodern lists). Thanks for your help!

Jun 1, 2014 8:12 PM
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I started learning English vocabulary in a website called "Busuu". The words are separated in different sections and you can hear also the pronnunciation and read them in some context. I wrote them all down to make my own vocabulary lists. I hope it helps you out.

June 1, 2014

I have an app on my ipad called Memrise which is really good. Also have it on my android phone. Not sure if it's supported on other platforms, but worth checking out

June 1, 2014 you can make your own flashcards and they have premade also.

June 9, 2014

Maybe that's not exactly what you need, but I use this site: There you can read different texts and mark the words you don't know, so you'll be able to learn them later.


And here are some lists, but they aren't that rich:



June 5, 2014

I am an ANKI lover.  It have used many learning tools, and ANKI is on the top of the list. You can use their premade deck stacks or make you own. Words or sentences.  and it's free.  good luck

June 2, 2014
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