Attention all italki World Cup Language Challengers: Let's help each other!

Hey everyone!


I've just began my very first italki language challenge: 30 hours of Spanish in 60 days!


I know how difficult it is to maintain motivation over such a long period, so my other objective is to help YOU achieve your Language Challenge goals!


To accomplish this, I'm thinking of holding two or three Google+ hangouts over the course of the two-month challenge, open to any italki language challenger. 


During these hangouts, we Language Challengers can share our progress, and report on the various successes and challenges we have faced over the course of our lessons. By coming together, sharing our stories, and cheering each other on, I believe we will be able to maintain our passion and motivation over the course of the challenge, and together come out victorious.


What do you think? Would YOU be interested in participating in such a group?

Let me know in the comments!


¡Hasta pronto!


Jun 2, 2014 3:08 PM
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it's a vrey good idea!..

can i copy and paste this script?

September 3, 2014