Agree to this or not?

Love is one of the noblest feelings around the globe. In my opinion it gathers two souls in one body. Most of us have passed through sad endings in their love stories, according to that point I have thought of the following line which I wonder if you agree to it or not?

<em>Love isn't meant to be for the first one only; it meant to be for the right person even if he was the tenth.</em>

Show me your opinions guys! :")

Jun 2, 2014 5:57 PM
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Love? Where can I find love except my family? 

June 3, 2014


  I do not know if I can answer this  in the usual way, which supposes that Love, or at least

"romantic love" is only for   a single person.  


 I love so many people, and many of them are students.

One   person   I love  so very deeply is hardly a student any more, but  has become a  friend.

The person  is proficient in English so that Skype Chats are  just friendly conversations.


  But I also do not  feel  entirely overwhelmed by  the feelings of love I have for people.

I also love people in my everyday life, and they are all kinds of people.


 I guess what I am saying is that all people are deserving of love. Whether that is understood to be my love or the "Universe's Love" is no longer a meaningful distinction.


  Some  of my students I feel a deep love for, but it is not   the same as  a feeling that I should abandon my family or invite them to move to my country or anything.


 I have come to understand Love as a very normative thing for people.

Also, I can fall in love with a person   very quickly.  Almost in an instant, a sudden rush of feeling will appear, and it can be at my very first meeting with the person in reality or  over the Internet.

So,  loving others for me,  is not some sort of a crisis or an "All---or---Nothing" kind of thing.

It is just a feeling  that is beautiful and I enjoy it.



  I enjoy "loving".  It is wonderful.

June 2, 2014

Yes, you are right though It is hard to find the right one these days.

June 2, 2014
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