I need some Arabic simple conversations or stories, texts..

I've found that reading helps me alot but my books are علمی. تحقیقی and difficult for me. I want some more plain texts or preferabely real conversations which start from very begginer hi, how are you.

Because I don't have تسلط in Arabic language, finding these texts are not easy to me. Although I'm seeking. Will you help me please?



Jun 2, 2014 9:16 PM
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Hi! I'm Ron in New York, USA. I'm happy to help you learn or
improve your spoken English! If you are looking for help,
please add me to Skype: rjjenk1 and QQ: 1950063631 and
let's meet and be friends! Thanks!

September 8, 2014

hello i can help you to learn arabic language and also practice english

iam native arabic speaker if you want send to me a message :)


August 6, 2014