what do you think of the idea of online dating?Experience?Common in china?
Jun 3, 2014 3:21 AM
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Hi Wendy,

I think there are better matching experiences/processes out there. All dating sites miss out on actual contact, I mean it’s not better than people would meet each other in “real life” or let’s say “physical reality” and it never ever will top that experience.

I’ve never intended to arrange a ‘date’ from the internet for various reasons. I’ve used to set up profiles, on just regular social contact sites, thus not purposely for dating.

Dating sites executives, are really looking forward to all the millions of singles out there, raising millions of dollars from subscribers, exploiting genuinely seeking characters, it’s just humanly degrading. They think they’re doing a good cause, while their actually being ignorant. It’s a set up business to let people date, like they haven’t got other options.

Let’s say there is tens of thousands people on a dating site, who can look at other profiles,  do you think you need any luck that the person you’ll want to meet is right there? Let’s say five thousand of them is worth to look on their profile, reading them, thinking about them, looking at picture, this consumes a lot of time. And in general it’s not like picking someone, the feeling must be mutual.

Along the way people could become discouraged while doing this. Some sites just asks for a fee after 3 months or for certain features on the site, like sending messages. Also discouraging.

Well to the organization of dating sites: Just ask it right away to sign in and subscribe in condition of a monthly payment, my God! People need to know what their getting into.







June 3, 2014
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