what to do, when you believe in surerstiton ?

a black cat came over your road;you forgot something at home, and needed to return; you met number 666- it is nothing, but somebody believes in all that stuff.

What do you have to do then?

Jun 4, 2014 12:42 PM
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I think that it's bad luck to be superstitious. 

June 4, 2014

People are superstitious if they believe there is a higher power who cares about what they eat, how they have sex, and what direction they must face and what words they must use when they say their prayers in order to gain the favour of their supreme theistic deity.  People who don't have such a superstitious belief system are more prosperious and wealthy than people who do have such a superstitious belief sytem. 

Most Australians or northern Europeans do not practice a superstitious belief system, such as the one previously mentioned, and they are doing just fine.

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living for countries around the world. It is a standard unit for measuring the quality of life and especially the protection of children. It is used to distinguish if a country is a developed, developing, or underdeveloped, and also to measure the impact of economic policies on quality of life. The index was developed in 1990 by pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq and Indian economist Amartya Sen.

The 10 countries with the highest HDI scores are in order as follows: Norway, Australia, U.S.A., Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan.

The majority of the inhabitants in these countries, except for the U.S., do not practice any religi*n, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Developed countries reach a better standard of living, because they invest in infrastructure, research, education and health. Developed nations do not lose their money for useless things, such as religio*s education or Sharia.

Nations with a high percentage of non-relig*ous people do achieve a better quality of life than in countries with a high percentage of religi*us people.


June 5, 2014

Comandante, construction workers built my house and Muslims built Allah.

June 5, 2014

Scientific researchers say that the Big Bang Didn't Need G*d to Start our Universe.

"In the very weird world of quantum mechanics, which describes action on a subatomic scale, random fluctuations can produce matter and energy out of nothingness. And this can lead to very big things indeed, researchers say." "Quantum mechanical fluctuations can produce the cosmos", said panelist Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the non-profit Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute. " If you would just, in this room, just twist time and space the right way, you might create an entirely new universe. It's not clear you could get into that universe, but you would create it."

"The Big Bang Didn't Need God to Start Universe, Researchers Say"

<a href="http://www.space.com/16281-big-bang-god-intervention-science.html">http://www.space.com/16281-big-bang-god-intervention-science.html</a>;


June 5, 2014

"Well, If some one told me that something will bring me bad luck or good luck then I will do the opposit . In our religion (Islam) , superstitios is more likely to be Shirk which mean worship another god with Allah and it is forbidden."


Well Commandante seeing as you're learning English, here's a free lesson for you:


From Chamber's dictionary:

superstition noun 1 belief in an influence that certain (especially commonplace) objects, actions or occurrences have on events, people's lives, etc. 2 a particular opinion or practice based on such belief. 3 any widely held but unfounded belief. superstitious adj. superstitiously adverb. superstitiousness noun.


I think you will find that you will find that definition covers Religion including allah. So what you're saying is that your superstition does not allow other superstitions. Terrific!

June 5, 2014
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