How is Spain for you? / ¿Cómo es España para ti?



I'm Laura and I study tourism. I'm working in a class work about Spain and its promotion.

I would be very helpfull if you -wherever you from- tell me how is Spain for you, or what you hope to find in Spain, why do you travel to Spain -or what not-, or whatever you think about Spain tourism.


Thank you so much.

Jun 4, 2014 5:31 PM
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Hi Peter. It's only hot in the South during the summer time, there were little to no yellow and orange colors and it is DEFINITELY a different culture and mentality, but that goes the same for most foreign cultures. In my mind there are in actuality four different "Spains". Andalusia is vastly different than say Galicia. There are even in my mind 4 different languages even though they all speak Spanish because Spanish will sound so different from one place to another not even counting that there are literally other languages spoken in northern Spain! The landscapes, the accents, the expressions and the demeanor of the people are all very different from one part of a Spain to another. Galicia was mountainous (parts of Galicia are quite cool even in the summer) and the people subdued whereas the South was mostly flat and the people are more gregarious. 


Rocio, the one thing I hated more than anything about Spain were those horrific bullfights. :(

June 9, 2014

Thanks so much for all your answers! :)

It is true that Spain is different depends in whick region do you stay. I'm from the north (I'm Galician), and last summer I travelled to Andalucía and I fell bad because the weather. It was so hot there!!

And, really, I never saw a bullfight in my life! (and I never will go hahaa). Only one party near my village had bullfights, but young people don't celebrate this party seeing the bullfighs, they use "spray guns" (like children in the beach) but instead water, whit wine.


And Peter, if you stay on the north of Spain (like Galicia haha) you will see all green colours!, I promisse you!

June 18, 2014

Hi Laura, ...I would feel lost in Spain because of language and different culture and mentality. When it comes to Spain, the first thing that comes up in my mind is: there is too hot and I see to much "yellow and orange" colors in my mind. But I'm pretty sure I would change my mind being there:-)

June 9, 2014

i´ve never been in Spain, but when i think Spain, i think in bullfights, paella yumi, an the people is kind, i would like travel there.

June 9, 2014

I liked being able to go to the bars to talk with the friendly people. I loved it how the Spanish people were so open to talking to me even with my terrible Spanish and how they were so kind and patient and open. I went to the tourist spots, but those weren't the best, the best was hearing Spanish guitar being played in a tiny place in the middle of nowhere and watching regular people clapping like they do and dancing to it and trying my best to join in. Yes, the Alhambra is amazing but seeing buildings (I don't think I ever want to see another cathedral in my life there were so many!) and landscapes isn't getting to know Spain. Having a tour without any contact with Spaniards would be like visiting any house with no one home, not nearly as interesting as meeting the owners.  

June 8, 2014
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