how to learn English? I like English and I really want to learn it well,but what the problem is I have not got a better way to learn and practice ,i need some good learning skills,how can i improve my English ?can you help me ?
Jun 5, 2014 2:13 AM
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Hi awa,


nobody knows how to exactly learn a language, even scientists bring up with different theories, results of their researches. Also each polyglot has his/her own method. It may be true that you learn a language even though you are not aware of that. You can study a language and will able to pass a language exam, but it does not mean, you will able to speak it fluently. That is what several people here have reported. I also had a classmate, a clever manager, who knew a lot of grammar, vocabulary, but she was not able to speak fluently.


There is also other side of the coin. Did you know that even native speakers do not know the correct spelling of many words? I mean, they can use those words when speaking but they are not sure how to write them down correctly.


It is also interesting to notice one thing. I'm pretty sure you use your native language without thinking. You do not know what you will say next. You do not think about sentences, grammar structures..., and only then say something. I have seen several polyglots speaking in different languages and seemed to me the same. They seemed speaking from memory, not naturally. It seemed like they were thinking about what they were going to say and then said it. Of course, I might be wrong but that is how I see it now.


Sorry for that I do not provide any exact instructions how to learn English because I do not know it by myself. I am in the same shoes as you. I agree with Zack and Rocio. Those activities may be helpful. Personaly I believe that learning a language must be very simple, natural and only we, people, make it complicated and want to have the whole process under our control. 





June 9, 2014

start listening to music in English, try to translate what he says and you can see the lyrics, so you will easily vocabulary. And zack says, live culture, thinks every day in English. Is the best way.

June 9, 2014
The easiest way to learn a new language, not just english, is to live the culture, listen to the music, watch movies, take classes, read books
June 5, 2014
Watch a lot of English movies with subtitles and then watch them without subtitles.
June 5, 2014